Dental Hygienist

A Good Dental Hygienist Prevents Future Visits

Her gentle and caring nature has created a loyal following of patients who enjoy coming to see her regularly. Most of her patients come every six months.  Darlene is licensed to provide nitrous oxide and local anesthetics if needed.  She spends time with patients explaining the proper way to brush and floss better.  She even recommends changes in diet or habits to help them stay healthy.  She loves to answer any questions about hygiene or dentistry that you may have.  She performs oral cancer screenings and can use a soft tissue management machine to provide deep cleanings more comfortably than traditional scalers.

Darlene James Registered Dental Hygienist Profile Image

Brooklyn’s Best Dental Hygienist

Darlene James, RDH is one of Brooklyn’s best dental hygienists.  Known for her precision and ability to comfort the patient are talents that go hand in hand.  We look forward to your visit!

Good Equipment Combined with Brooklyn’s Best Dental Hygienist

The Denmat Piezo Scaler also allows Darlene to irrigate the teeth with distilled water, fluoride, anti-inflammatory Peridex, or any other irrigant she feels best suits the risks and needs of individual patients.

State of the Art Dental Equipment

Having good dental equipment can make the difference between spending 30 minutes vs 1 whole hour scaling teeth.  We use up to date equipment to help make your dental visit quick and painless.