Tooth Crowns and Caps

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Restorative Tooth Crowns

Tooth Crowns are synonymous for a one piece restoration of all surfaces of a tooth that protrude from the gums. We always make every effort to preserve as much of each natural tooth as possible while thoroughly removing all decay. Sometimes when we are done removing the old filling and cleaning out the remaining tooth, there is so little remaining tooth that making a giant filling is either not possible or will not last very long. In these situations having a crown made is the treatment of choice in order to preserve and protect the remaining tooth structure. This will involve sacrificing some of the remaining tooth structure, but having a cap/crown made will provide many years of service. Sometimes these are done right at the gum line and some times they are done to extend below the gum line.

Variety of Different Materials For Tooth Crowns

There are a variety of new materials on the market that we can use. Choosing the right material choice is an important decision based on several factors. The condition of that tooth, of your remaining teeth. Will the Cap Crown be visible in a manner that makes appearance most critical or is it somewhere only a dental professional can see and aesthetics is secondary to function. Does the patient have excessive wear on another tooth that would make choosing a material that will not wear the opposing tooth the most important factor? We will discuss these with you so we can choose the right material for you. When we make crowns for teeth in your smile we want to use the most aesthetic materials possible and make sure you are happy with your new smile. We work with you before we will ever start to give you all the information you need to make the right choices for you

Girl eats apple with strong tooth crown