Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening IconTeeth Whitening is the least invasive method for giving patients a more beautiful smile. Patients have several ways to accomplish teeth whitening. Most of these treatments have some form of hydrogen peroxide ; or carbamide peroxide, to perform the whitening. These chemicals are safe to use on teeth as they do not weaken the enamel.  Over the counter products have the same ingredients as ours, but in such low concentrations that they do little to whiten the teeth. We use Philips Zoom whitening to provide the best result possible.

Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening

High Concentration Teeth Whitening Gel – Dentist Use Only

Because of the concentration of the peroxide that we use, it is important to protect the lips and gums from the peroxide. As we said earlier the peroxide is safe on the hard tissue teeth but it will irritate the soft tissues if we do protect them properly. We take great care to go throughout the process of protecting the soft tissues properly before beginning the whitening process.

Gum Protectant and Teeth Whitening Light Application

Pearl necklace in white teethAfter the soft tissue is protected the peroxide bleach is applied to the teeth. A light is positioned over the teeth to assist in activating the bleach to assist in removing the stains which have become imbedded in th enamel rods of
the teeth. The peroxide will remove the stains without weakening the teeth. At fifteen minute intervals we will remove the bleach on the teeth an replace it with a fresh batch of bleach.
Depending on the results and the patients comfort we will repeat this procedure three or four times.  We can so the procedure, remove the protective materials from your mouth and you can go home at any time in the proces when you feel you have achieved a result with which you are happy.

Results can vary from patient to patient but our patients have been very happy.  We charge $299 for this valuable service. Call to day to schedule your appointment.

Teeth whitening before and after with Zoom

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