Root Canal Treatment

Dental Assistant preparing patient for root canal

Root Canal IconWith the advances in anesthetics root canal treatment has become a routine and painless procedure that can relieve the pain associated with many teeth. Root canal treatment can clear up infections; commonly referred to as an abscess, that can form around the tips of the roots of teeth. To clear up an infection associated with  tooth, the first component of the therapy is completed and an anti-infection medication is placed within the two for at least two weeks. Research has shown that placing calcium hydroxide within a tooth for two weeks will clear many infections that would not clear up without this additional step. We may prescribe antibiotics to help increase the healing. However, systemic antibiotic therapy is not routinely used or necessary.

Why a Root Canal?

Sometimes, the nerve can die quietly and the patient will not have any symptoms until the tooth gets infected. With an infection trapped within a solid tooth, the pressure has no place to go but down into the bone. This pressure build up can cause a great deal of pain. Opening of the tooth; and relieving the pressure buildup, will allow the tooth to return to a comfortable status.

Dental Assistant preparing patient for root canal

Experience Goes The Distance with a Root Canal Treatment

Once the tooth has returned to a comfortable status, the patient returns for the final sealer to be placed with the roots of the tooth. We have found it is very important to wait until the patient is comfortable before finishing the root canal. Rushing to finish the root canal in one visit can trap infection in the bone and cause the patient to have significantly lower healing percentages and higher percentages of post operative pain.