Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening IconWith the rise in oral cancer cases. We understand the importance of early detection is a key factor in fighting this disease. A thorough oral cancer screening can be life-saving, improving your chances of survival. We recommend  an annual oral cancer screening. Our dental hygienist will perform this exam with the use of  Vizilite. The screening process involves swishing a special formula; which has a pleasant taste, in your mouth and then expectorating the liquid. Our hygienist will then examine all the tissue in your mouth under a special black light that will illuminate any possible problem areas. If we see nothing you are done. If there is a suspicious area, the hygienist will swab an indicating solution onto the suspicious area. If the color stays on the suspicious area that is an indication that it needs to be watched. We may have you come back in a week or two to re evaluate the area of concern. Hopefully, the area has healed ; but if not, only then would we refer you to an Oral Surgeon to investigate further. It is really such a quick and easy thing to screen that we recommend it to all our adult patients