Fixed Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge IconA fixed dental bridge has been used to replace a missing tooth for many years. Fixed dental bridge means that the patient will not be removing it, it will feel and function exactly like the original teeth but a patient will have to floss around it in a different manner since all the teeth in the dental bridge are connected. A traditional dental bridge has the advantage that there is no need to surgically place an implant. However, it does require the teeth surrounding the space to have crowns fabricated.  If these teeth already have crowns; or have more filling in them than tooth structure, then a fixed  bridge may be the treatment of choice for that patient. If the teeth that would need to have crowns made are like new and untouched, a dental implant would allow those two teeth to remain untouched and the dental implant would be used to replace the tooth.

Comfortable Dental Bridge

Today patients have a wider variety of materials to choose from when fabricating a bridge.
  • The GOLD standard has been gold for many years. If aesthetics are not a concern, then gold may be the most bio-compatible material available. Its hardness is so close to that of natural tooth, that the long term wear on opposing teeth is the least of any other material.
  • Porcelain can be baked over the gold to give the teeth a more natural look. We have been using porcelain fused to gold bridges for many years. This design has stood the test of time and is the treatment of choice for many patients.
  • A newer material on the market today is zirconium.  Zirconium can be done in a one piece construction. There are no layers to break off from one another as the zirconium is one solid piece.
  • Another all tooth colored material we may choose is E.Max. which has no layers of material to chip away from one another. It is a highly esthetic material.  You can see below how using E.Max to replace porcelain fused to gold bridges can make a dramatic difference in your smile.

Lady brushing teeth over fixed dental bridge

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